Sparrow Designs the Original

Legal Terms and Conditions

I know for the safety of you and I, I must display these terms of service. Me, meaning Sparrow Designs or Warren. P.S. I don't like listing the heavy stuff either, but it's got to be here. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they are legally binding. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

  • All text and images hosted on the Sparrow Designs web site are copyright Sparrow Designs unless otherwise noted.
  • No text or images may be copied without permission from Sparrow Designs "Warren"
  • You agree not to copy text and images from other account holders unless permission has been granted
  • I do provide links to other Website's and are not responsible for the content they display on those Website’s.
  • If you provide Me your contact information you give Me permission to contact you from time to time, by email, phone or letter.
  • I will cooperate with law enforcement if your information is legally asked for and ONLY by a certified law authority 
  • You must not post or transmit unlawful, pornographic, hateful information through or to Sparrow Designs in any way.
  • I absolutely do not tolerate SPAM in any shape, form or size, if you are looking for a host to transmit spam look elsewhere thank you.

Payment for Services

Any work or services will be billed at my current IT rate.

Work will be pre arranged with your description of what you need, we will agree on a price of either the hourly rate or a fixed price for the job and then the work will commence, any changes or add-ons to the project will required a change order and a re negotiation of the price to perform the work, no exceptions.

Any job of $500.00 or more will require a 50% non refundable deposit up front and the remaining amount to be paid within 7 days of completion of the project.


Payments by Paypal will incur Paypals fee to accept payments. Send a check for payment to avoid Paypals additional fee.

WEBSITES: Your website will not go live until full payment is made, we will send you screen shots of your website or come to your place of business to show you your website on one of our own laptops if applicable before the job is done. If you want your website to be online as we build it so you can click through it you will be required to pay the total amount for the website project as laid out in the quote we will give you. Any additions to the website above and beyond what is on the quote will require a change order or a re-qoute for the project in which payment will be due.

Website Hosting Fee's

Website hosting fees are due upon receipt of your invoice, your website will be suspended on the 8th day after your invoice date if website hosting fees are not paid.
If your website hosting fees are not paid within 30 days your website will be removed from ns1/ website hosting servers, you are required to keep backups of your own content, you will not be able to access your website to retrieve your content after your website has been suspended or deleted/removed from the ns1/ servers.

Website hosting fee's will be quoted to you up front, your first invoice will reflect this hosting fee amount, this will be the amount that you agreed on and will be charged to you every month that you continue to host your website on the ns1/ servers. We may offer short term discount hosting fees for a short time ex. 6 month at a reduced rate then the regular rate will commence after the promotional period.


Applications & Programming

  • Any applications created by Sparrow Designs "Sparrow Website Builder" belong to SparrowDesigns and are for you to use as a service while you are hosting with SparrowDesigns, these applications or custom applications are not sold to you and will remain with Me after you terminate your hosting account, the content you provide such as text and images which constitute content is yours, you are also responsible for obtaining any permissions to use copyrighted materials on your web site I'm not responsible for your content and you agree to hold Me harmless if a copyright violation exist, I will also remove any content that is requested to be removed by persons or entities owning such copyrighted materials which you do not have the permission to use. The Sparrow Website Builder may not be hosted by a third party, internal intranet, in house web servers, personal computer, cloud service or any other company.
  • You must keep backup copies of your content and if you have designed your website you must keep a backup copy, I will not be liable to transmit or keep any perpetual copies of your website content, your content will most likely be deleted when you terminate your account, I am not responsible to keep any copies or help you transfer them to a new hosting provider. Also if I have designed a website for you that is not using the Sparrow Website Designer or is not promotional (Custom Designed and Promoted for You by Me) in this effect you must keep a backup copy of your website. All such websites will most likely be deleted at the termination of your account.
  • You agree to hold harmless Sparrow Designs in the event of financial loss, loss to profits incurred by you, web site outages, email outages and natural disasters.
  • You must also obtain on your own Internet connectivity to access your account
  • I do offer a basic tutorial on how to us the Sparrow Web Designer to get you started and beyond this basic tutorial constitutes web design which I charge reasonable rates for graphic design and web page design check my Web Master page for current prices.
  • You agree not to try to reverse engineer de-compile or otherwise try to discover the functionality of the Sparrow Web Builder web designer program software or any software made by Sparrow Designs or make it available to third parties that are interested in trying to recreate or make derivative works of the software for profit or otherwise.
  • Your using the Sparrow Designs website signifies your acceptance of these terms and is bound to the terms of this agreement. You or Me may terminate this agreement at anytime you may terminate your agreement with Me by not using the Sparrow Designs website and removing by your content from the Sparrow Designs servers.
  • I do not provide tech support for third party software or will I package or export your data for import to a third party system.
  • I'm not responsible for the functionality of third party websites their plugins or applications for programing that includes live streaming from or live updates to be included for your website or extend the functionality of your website, you cannot withhold any fees for webhosting, programing or other fees for services provided by me, if a third parties website or software does work as expected, you may feel free to contact the third party for troubleshooting or tech support. Any time spent by me to fix a third parties software to get it to work with your website will incur my normal programing and webhosting fees.
  • Sunday and Holiday phone tech support is billed at $120.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.
  • Self service Web Site Hosting accounts may contact Me for non web site design questions by email, I charge under three hours rate for ala-cart Web design calls that is $50 per hour with a one hour minimum.
  • The "Hosted by Sparrow Designs link appears on websites using my software and in the underlying code, if this is a problem please contact Me for options for the link, underlying code will always bear my copyright and will not be removed.
  • I do not allow taking my code after your website hosting account is closed, if you would like to take a webpage with you please contact Me first I have competitive rates to make you a self contained Website of your own files.
  • I do not allow you to use the software for making and selling websites for profit or free, the use of the software constitutes your agreement to use the SparrowDesigns software for your own and solely your own website, your website will be immediately terminated if a breach of this contract has been assessed and any damages resulting will also be assess and any penalties or fees will become due at the closing of your account.
  • Any fees you incur upon SparrowDesigns for domain name registration, hosting or other related services become due upon invoice and are due upon receipt of invoice either by email or mailed to you. If SparrowDesigns comes up with and chooses a domain name for you, you must send payment and your address and contact information for the domain name record. If payment is not received the domain name with be the property of SparrowDesigns until payment is received. If you come up with a domain name and have SparrowDesigns register it you must make arrangements to send in payment A.S.A.P. I reserved the right not to register the domain name until payment is received and or any checks clear, you must send in your contact information for the domain name record.
  • Your use of SparrowDesigns hosting constitutes you will not block access, send spam through you Web hosting account

Designs Services

  • If you decide to hire the design services of SparrowDesigns "Warren" to build you a custom website, work will not commence until a contract for hire and a check or money order deposit is made, deposits are non refundable after the work has commenced, under no circumstances will SparrowDesigns "Warren" be liable to give you any unfinished work if you change your mind and decide to cancel services. Thank you for your consideration.
  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
  • These terms of service are subject to change at anytime, please check back periodically. This site may contain errors
  • I do not allow ftp access to the main directory of your account if your account is using the Sparrow Designs Website Builder since it will make available the main core of the applications you are able to upload and download your own files from within the administration area of your account if using the Sparrow Website Builder.

This Terms of Service May Change at Any Time, Please Refer Back to It at Any Time

Thank You
Warren Fassbinder